We care about everyone's future, nature and resources.

Olivero Design - Sostenibilità

We are committed to the environment and the people who choose our products, in fact, respecting customers and the planet, we perform limited annual production.

Our design philosophy has always focused on longevity: we are not subject to trends and our accessories are made to last Over time, if you damage them can be repaired by our craftsmen.

Olivero Design - Artigianalità

The raw material used is chosen after careful research and each supplier is selected according to strict eco-sustainable parameters; Respect for nature is fundamental throughout the production cycle.

The leather we use comes from the main Italian tanning centers, which see the oldest traditions in the world. They are obtained from food waste and, through special processes, leather acquires that refinement that make every artifact unique and precious.

The added value is to recover and ennoble the materials that would be wasted, also there is no presence of plastic and the small items are obtained from solid to ensure greater strength. Each of our products guarantees a minimal impact on our planet having the future of people, nature and resources.

Social responsibility

Olivero Design - Responsabilità Civile

We are linked to our artisan origins, to the ancient manufacturing traditions and to the territory - UNESCO heritage - that hosts us: the Roero.

Anticipating the times we have undertaken the transition to renewable energy sources by installing a large photovoltaic system that covers the entire electrical requirements of our company.

We are also committed to ethically conducting our business while respecting work and human dignity, ensuring a large proportion of female workers; supporting flexibility and encouraging creativity.

Olivero Design - Responsabilità Civile

People, as individuals, have always been the driving force behind innovation and as a community, thanks to a clear vision of the future.

Roero is a physical, social and spiritual community that hosts excellence, intoxicating values and scents. Here people still practice today the ancient arts in artisan workshops, transmitting their skills to the youngest: this helps us to be able to look far without distancing ourselves by our founding values.

We promote the well-being of our workers by creating working conditions stimulating and satisfying. The product becomes the tangible result of a process involving stories, values and passions.

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