Olivero Design - Sostenibilità

We are committed to people, the environment and natural heritage to improve the lives of those who choose our products. Out of respect for our customers and the planet, we limit annual production. Our design philosophy has always put longevity first. We are not subject to trends, our accessories are made to last over time and, if they get damaged, they can be repaired by our craftsmen. We carry out careful and accurate research on the raw materials used, and each supplier is selected on the basis of strict eco-sustainable parameters. Respect for nature throughout the production cycle is essential.

We only use Italian leather that has been selected from the leading Italian tanning centres, whose traditions are among the oldest and best known in the world. They come from food industry waste, making it possible to recover and ennoble materials that would otherwise be wasted. Thanks to special processing, the leather acquires the refinement that makes each Alberto Olivero product unique and precious.

Olivero Design - Artigianalità

An efficient process that uses materials allows us to reduce the amount of waste generated. Nature does not produce waste, and we do not want to either, which is why we are committed to being a zero-waste brand. We treat materials carefully by making cuts that minimise leftovers and by reusing them to create smaller accessories. Each of our products is also completely plastic free. All small parts are designed by our style centre and made exclusively for us. They are milled from solid to ensure maximum strength and to ensure that all processing waste can be re-melted, giving life to new raw material, a continuous cycle of reuse. Each of us leaves a footprint on the planet, but with the right commitment we can help reduce it. We care about everyone's future, nature and resources.

Anticipating the times, we embarked on the transition to renewable energy sources by installing a large photovoltaic system that covers all of our company’s electricity needs, saving the atmosphere about 65kg of CO2 per day. We are committed to constantly updating our business model with the ambition of having a positive effect on our planet, on the community in which we operate and on the health of our customers.

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