Alberto Olivero launches his first NFTs

in the world of Luxury Fashion

A revolutionary idea by designer Alberto Olivero that combines the world of beauty, design, art and creation of luxury fashion accessories with the world of NFTs, cryptocurrencies and more generally the metaverse. A truly innovative idea this time that will garner a lot of acclaim in the world of luxury fashion as well as in the world of investments and digital platforms. And why not, it will give the opportunity to approach this world made of what in the eyes is essential: beauty. Luxury fashion, it is known, is a source of great feelings. Positive emotions that make us feel pleasure, happiness, joy, interest, but also give us the opportunity to expand our awareness. Like delicate and deep splinters moving in their world of development and design, designers are encouraged to new creative insights, innovative and varied steps achieving over time, a broad behavioral repertoire that generates more and more competence, in those who, of this field, have fallen in love with it. NFT, on the other hand, if we were to put it simply, is a methodology that allows for the unambiguous, certain identification of a digital product without alternative interpretations. An NFT can take the form of any digital file: a video, a photo, an audio, a song and any tangible or intangible element and work of art. From designer and artist Alberto Olivero comes the idea of turning his most important creations into NFTs. Strong, beautiful, exciting sketches that exude energy and vigor, concreteness and luxury. Alberto Olivero's NFTs take us directly into the world of luxury fashion because in addition to the artwork itself (these are the designer's own original sketches, thanks to which, passing through the skilful hands of his artisans, his creations for sale on the official e-commerce see the light of day), in the purchase of the NFT are also included a series of benefits and increasing services that can be rendered even when the NFT will change hands, increasing its value, after the first transaction. Along with the purchase of NFTs, you will receive at your home, the same framed and signed, along with the accessory represented by the NFT. The launch to date has greater significance because it takes place in conjunction with the capital increase resolved by his company, innovative startup Alberto Olivero S.r.l.

Alberto Olivero's business model is based on handmade-to-order with very strong product customization thanks in part to the 3D configurator. The company has already been pre-money valued by Equidam with two-diligence and certified over €4,500,000, with an already paid-up share capital of €2,040,000. For those who would like to participate in the capital increase by investing in a sector of sure and strong expansion can contact the administrative offices of designer Alberto Olivero directly.

Here are the advantages of investing now:

  • you immediately get a 50 percent tax credit on the amount invested;
  • you become a partner in the designer with a share of the capital that increases in value;
  • you get a share of the profit;
  • you get an exclusive item customized for the investor right away;
  • you get the special Business Platinum Card that allows you to preview all future collections and participate in an important system of loyalty and business matching among entrepreneurs.

The new first collection of NFTs can be purchased with both current currency and cryptocurrency and be used to make payments, make investments and even exchanges as well as for business purposes. The collection or individual NFTs can be purchased on the industry's two leading platforms, and

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